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Suppliers of high quality scientific instruments, civil engineering equipment, laboratory equipment, testing equipments and survey equipment for industrial & educational use.
Thickness Gauge, Length Gauge, Cylindrical Measures, Metal Measures, Density Basket, Riffle Sample Divider, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester
Ring And Balll Apparatus, Standard Penetrometer, Ductility Testing Apparatus, Stripping Value Apparatus, Benkleman Beam, Centrifuge Extractor, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus
Cement Sampler, Blaine'S Air Permeability Apparaus, Air Permeability Apparatus (Rigden Type), Vicat Needle Apparatus, Le Chatelier Flask, Gillmore Needle Apparatus, Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus
Plastic Limit Set, Shrinkage Limit Set, Cone Penetrometer, High Speed Stirrer, Liquid Limit Device, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Marsh Cone, Soil Hydrometer, Mud Balance, Sand Pouring Cylinder
Calorimeters, Ball And Ring Apparatus, Potentiometer, Telescope / Microscope, Wheatstone Bridge, Pascal's Apparatus
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Absorption Tube, Flasks, Manometer, Thermometers, Centrifuge, Watch Glass, Bulbs For Pipettes, Crucibles
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Animal Cage, Coplin Jar, Plastomounts, Skeleton Model, Microscopes, Dissecting Sets, Leaf Area Cutter
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Air Entrainment Meter, Mortar Mixer, Penetrometer, Mixing Apparatus, Slump Cone, Extensometer, Le Chatelier Mould
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Altimeter, Sight Vane Brass, Survey Umbrella, Drawing Box, Magnifying Glass, Beam Compass
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